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Thread: is it that "time"?

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ID:	9554this is just a glimpse of the last 24 hrs. i appreciate the comments and thoughts.
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    I would repeat what others have said. I don't care for Facebook but understand the draw and ease. I don't get on here much because I don't have a bronco anymore. I have met a few of you and really want to meet more, so I try to get on most days. I don't contribute much as my bronco knowledge is limited and I don't have one.

    I think the sport as a whole has shrunk. We went from having a group of 20 that actively wheeled together to about 6 now. And having 100+ every month for car shows to 10-20.

    I don't know if it's ppl aging, getting busier lives, or not as much extra $$. I think part of it has to do with SXS and new cars are easier to finance and are replacing things that you generally have to save our pay cash for.

    As much as it sucks I understand if the site needs to be closed though. What about trying to get a club section on nc4x4?
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    See, I show up occasionally. Don't contribute much. Most of what I wanted to do with my truck happened a long time ago. Just fun to drive it around. Love to help when others
    need it. Don't know anything about running a website so no help there , I'm afraid. With or without the website I'd still like to be informed of the rides.

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    Personally I have enjoyed the site, the club and most of all the core group of "regulars" that I have had the pleasure of communicating, hanging out with on occasion and most of all wheeling with over the past several years. This is where it has all taken place and is chronicled. I really enjoy the more friendly more tight knit feel. Don't really care for the big city lights if you will. I have said it before too that it is not just this site but all of them seem to have slowed down even with this being the "50th" for the Bronco it doesn't seem to be as busy as the "40th" was. As you guys who know me can confirm, I really get "Balled up" from March to about now and don't post up much.....and just getting back from a week in the woods I am really liking the slow pace right now!! What is it you want, more people and more troubles or just a smooth enjoyable bunch? Raffle, although they are fun and all I never when anyway so no biggy here!!

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    I enjoy the site as well. I too am guilty of not posting much. Much of this is because if I have a technical issue, I usually just call or text Chuck(He gets mad if I post a question without asking him first). I have been slammed this summer between fire department, and running a landscaping business. I dont get to use the computer at home much anymore for anything other than work because my 2 year old likes to run over and start punching key or trying to throw the laptop on the floor. I do cruise the site while I'm at the firehouse most days, but as I get bounced around a lot, I sometimes forget to log in. I think that the core members of this site need a way to keep in touch with each other one way or another. As far as the raffles, I could really care less. Sure its nice to win something,(I never have) but thats not the purpose of getting together in my eyes. I dont have much free time this time of year, but am willing to help out if I can.

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