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  • EFI upgrade: 55mm to 70mm MAF

    Power is all about how much and how fast you can suck, squeeze, bang, and blow. Not only does this apply to the 20 year old hottie at the bar, but to our engines as well.

    The stock Mustang EFI setups are seriously restricted. The list of modifications is long and potentially expensive.

    One cheap way to begin to lessen some of that restriction is to install a larger MAF.

    The stock MAF is 55mm. Most folks spend $$$ on large aftermarket MAFs but for our applications, there is a way to save some of that cash.

    You are going to need a new MAF sensor and a new MAF housing (tube).

    Check out these vehicles at your local junkyard:

    92-95 SuperCoupe, 70mm for 3.6's
    Ford Mustang 1994-1995 V6 or 5.0L 70mm
    Ford Crown Victoria 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
    Lincoln Towncar 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
    Mercury Grand Marquis 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
    94-97 Thunderbird 4.6 70mm

    Those vehicles have the housing you want but not necessarily the correct MAF sensor. You want a sensor with part number F2VF-12B579-A1A or A2A. Keep in mind the sensor is secured with a security torx bit.

    You can get the housing/sensor combo from LKQ for $25.

    These housings are round on the engine side and square (flanged) on the filter side which is not condusive to a cone filter. The parts houses do sell an adapter for $15 so you can adapt the flange to a round filter but we are trying to save money here!

    I just cut the 4 corners off and used my grinder to shape it into a circle that will accommodate a round filter.

    Make sure you reset your EEC so it can relearn with the new sensor.


    Here is a comparison of the house before and after.

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