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    Here is my version of the chevy disk swap for front axles.
    This swap works on 71-75 dana 44 axles. These are a 6 bolt
    Here is what you need
    Chevy parts 72-76 chevy blazer parts
    backing plate/calipermount (you can use later
    model backing plates which are thicker)
    inner spindle bearings
    brake pads
    flexible brake hose(braded recomended)
    Caliper bolts(if they didnt come with the
    Banjo bolts(2) for the hose
    Ford parts for a late 70's ford truck(1/2ton)
    Hub and rotor assembly(used ok, if new they come
    New bearings(inners and outers)
    Late 70's f250 Master (front disk,rear drum)
    You will reuse your spindle bolts, axle shaft and hub

    What to do,
    Strip the axle down to the bare knuckle and axle shaft.
    Install the backing plate and spindle(with new inner spindle
    bearing installed). If using old hub/rotor bearings from a
    donor truck be sure to repack the bearings. If using new stuff
    install all bearings and race's into the hub/rotor. Install onto
    Here is where it is a little complicated. The caliper if mounted
    right now would hit the knuckle and cause it not to work.
    You must grind the knuckle down (some off the caliper works too)
    to clear the inside edge
    of the caliper(if you dont do this it would be unsafe).
    Once the knuckle is ground down so the caliper can move
    freely bolt the caliper (with new pads) in place. Next install the brake hose.
    You may need to rerought the hard line so it mounts better to the flex hose.
    I chose to use long braided steel lines.
    Now go up and change the master cyl to the f250 master. Bleed
    the brakes now.
    When you reinstall the locking hub assembly you will notice the
    axle shaft snap ring wont fit. It is common to use a bolt and
    fender washer to hold it in place. I have not done this on my
    setup, and have never had problems. But that is how it should
    be done.
    This is a basic overview on the swap, be sure to grind the axle
    knuckle and bleed the brakes(front and rear) carefully.
    It is always best to have someone who has torn these axles down
    help with this swap.
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