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    Cherokee Wiper Arm swap


    This weekend I got my new wiper shaft gaskets, so I started putting the wipers back together. My original wiper arms were junk. They were cobbled together, missing parts, and held together with welding rod.
    So I read up on how to perform the cherokee wiper upgrade, this is how.
    I found some arms locally for 23.00 each, plus 5 bucks for new 14" blades. So I gathered these parts up and worked them over as spelled out in other articles.

    Parts list:
    2 new 1988 Cherokee REAR wiper arms. I got mine from Autozone but everyone has them.
    2 new 14" wiper blades. The stock ones were 12" but there is plenty of room for 14" blades.

    I pulled the washer fluid squirter hose off and tossed it. Then I installed the new blade on the new arm and held it up to the glass and mocked it up where I expect it to run. Basically this means it's centered on the glass. Since the Cherokee arm is too long and will need shortened, I measured from the wiper pivot to the socket on the wiper arm, and determined that I would need to remove 4 1/2" in length. This length will vary depending on the length of wiper blade you use.
    I drilled out the rivet and shortened the arm by 4 1/2" each. I redrilled the holes, and re-riveted the arm back together using a 1/8" stainless steel rivet with a backing washer.
    Then I reinstalled the springs, assembled everything, and timed it on the windshield.
    Picture 1 shows how the Cherokee arm is much longer than stock.
    Picture 2 shows the rivet that will need to be drilled out.
    Picture 3 shows the rivet after being drilled and punched out.
    Picture 4 shows the arms after being reassembled, along with the excess arm that I cut off.
    Picture 5 shows the arms installed on the Bronco.
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