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  • ***How to create albums and upload pics for vB4 Gallery***

    first step...click "Gallery>drop down menu> Add Album"

    next step...name your album>select "public,private,or profile"(profile is used for saving pics you want to use for background images in profile options), then "save changes"...you have now created the album

    now, you need to "upload pics" to your new album

    click "upload" this will open another window

    this might open an option to use pics already posted throughout the forum, if so...click the image(if you see one you want to use) and drag it into the lower block named "attachments" when you do this, you should the the pic load where you dragged it too and should see it pop up on the right hand of the screen.

    you may also click on the "add files"- this will give you a couple options. click "select files" this will open to your computer, you can select one or multiple pics...then click "upload files", you can also select "website" to upload pic using the URL image location, or even use the "basic uploader" to upload one pic at a time from you computer.

    click "done" and the pop up window will go away, then all you have to do is "save pics"

    post up, if this was helpful. thank you,Admin