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    1. SC74's Avatar
      SC74 -
      There are so many different opinions on copper vs. aluminum and how many cores. If you plan on staying on the street and nothing blocking the air flow, you shouldn't have anyh problems with one of the aluminum 2 cores from Champion - best bang for your buck. Plus they have larger cores and 1" tubes so the surface area is actually more than the 5/8" tubes in 3 and 4 cores. I need to buy one soon too, but mine has very little air movement and a winch blocking the grill.
    1. ParadisePWoffrD's Avatar
      ParadisePWoffrD -
      i have one of the champion aluminum ones with my 351w. It does ok, but I have limited grill opening and do mostly slow speed stuff...

      I believe my running hot is attributed to something else though...
    1. blazinchuck's Avatar
      blazinchuck -
      ive been running stock v8 rads for 8 year in a couple different broncos...id try those
    1. broncosbybart's Avatar
      broncosbybart -
      I've used em' all. Most of it depends on the air being pulled through the rad. With the stock EB fan, a shroud helps a lot. The copper rad will last longer than the AL rad, but there is a huge price difference.
    1. Crawdad's Avatar
      Crawdad -
      Before I started my creation about two years ago, I was having over-heating problems driving in the big town of Cola. Had to fix it so I bought a FlowKooler waterpump along with a Champion 3 core rad. The 3 core fits ok, had to do some mods to the rad mounts (did a build thread on this site). I kept the manual fan and made a fan shroud to fit the rad. Never had a problem since. The rad was like $210 delivered ordered straight from factory, not eBay. I opted not to get the electr fan, haven't heard too many good threads on them.
    1. DirtyWhiteBoy's Avatar
      DirtyWhiteBoy -
      Thanks Guys, being a north Florida tranplant I played in the sand dunes and Mud holes but never tried rock crawlin. Those bumps look like they hurt. This EB I plan on drivin but ford didnt build these for the street. with that said I would like to meet on a few outtings when its ready. I might take the easy trails at Uwarrie(sorry for my spell'n) and when I heard about the 'Farm' that brought back memories of muddy ditches (now that sounds like fun) anyway thanks for the ideas. in Raleigh LakeShore Radiator sells the 3 core stock rad for $229. Not bad price and I had their 4 core Camper special rad in my 78 with a built 460 and it did the job. glad to hear about the cool-flow never tried one...DWB
    1. chuzie's Avatar
      chuzie -
      I would be weary of running a flow kooler in a 2 core. It could run the water too fast through the radiator and not have enough time to cool.
    1. DirtyWhiteBoy's Avatar
      DirtyWhiteBoy -
      Thanks never needed one in any of the other Bronco's and that was in the Florida heat..
    1. chuzie's Avatar
      chuzie -
      FWIW- I have a clutch fan, shroud, ron davis aluminum, and stock water pump. Drove from Tampa to Daytona Beach and didn't even think about going above 180 at a constant 3000RPM and a 8274 winch on the front.